Saturday, January 24, 2015

Casa en Aiguablava is a private home located in Aigua Blava, Begur, Spain. It was completed in 2013 by MANO Arquitectura.

My Way, Victoria Melian... The decorator Victoria Melian passion for the chair of Prouvé Standard SP. He teaches all his tricks to suit our homes and, incidentally, are useful to know your floor. Take note.

Five hotels SKI (OR NOT)??.. Are you one of those who love winter sports and already have everything ready to go skiing? Or do you prefer to stay in the warmth of a fireplace? For everyone, there is a hotel perfect winter.

Some people love winter. And those who hate. Those who become active and owners of the mountain do and enjoy like crazy its pure air with skis. And those who prefer to take refuge inside: save energy by the fireplace while enjoying something hot. For some and for others, there is the perfect hotel. Yes. It's in the mountains in Switzerland, in France or Italy, and both its exterior and interior we like: snow inspires us, but the spa and enjoy promises invite us to stay. The mountain calls us, but that big fluffy bed of wood, with white sheets, ask us dream. 

What we ask the winter? We want warmth, good food, comfort ... In their search, we find a route for five properties that have everything we need this season: impressive restaurants, spas where absolute surrender to the pleasure of the senses, vistazas to brighten the view ( and spirit), rooms where we would stay to live, and a design that reminds us that that this station is boring is one of the myths that exist. We walk around The Alpina in Gstaad; by  Cheval Blanc in Courchevel; by the amazing (and almost unbelievable) spa and resort Vigilius , in the Dolomites; by the amazing (and even fun)  Lodge Park , also in the Alps, and Portetta and solutions for all. You coming?
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